Measuring Guide

How to Measure Blinds - Please Read

Our measurements are always EXACT, what you specify is what you get.

What is the difference between EXACT and RECESSED?  Some web sellers ask if exact or recessed where you would choose recess when your blind is to fit inside the window area, they will then take off some from your measurements. Our blinds are always supplied EXACT, the size you get is the size you tell us. For fitting inside the window area then we suggest reducing the actually width by 10 mm each side.

Please use a metal tape measure and record in millimetres. 10 mm = 1 cm, 100 cm = 1 metre

Measuring width - measure at least three points, top middle and bottom and take the smallest figure. 

Measuring height - measure at least three points, left middle and right and take the smallest figure.

What to look out for? Remember that our blinds are 50mm in depth. Window handles may change the position of your blind. also when measuring check for tiled areas that protrude, window alarm sensors - anything that may effect the fitting of your blinds.